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How to fight girls

how to fight girls

The only real way to win a fight against a woman is to avoid it in the first place, but you won't always have that luxury. Maybe you have a very “passionate” lover. This video is a quick tip on how to fight an opponent that is pulling your hair. To defend against hair pulling in a. Im fighting a girl soon and I need tome help on how to fight. how to fight girls


01 Fight Like A Girl Real Punching Dynamics, Jab & Cross

How to fight girls - wichtig

Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. If she has long hair grab a handful and pull her head down so she can't see. Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS. View Public Profile Send a private message to El D. Try to punch her in the nose, i have had a broken nose before and it ain't fun, and everytime she looks in the mirror and sees the black eyes and crooked nose she will remember not to fu k with you again. With a few friends in tow, the fight will probably stay smaller, since no one will let it get really out of control. Hi, Actually, I wrote this as a self-help article. If she has a weapon, do a roundhouse kick aiming for her hand. Wait until the girl stands up, if she is sitting and you fight her it will look like a scared. DO NOT be over-confident, though! Send a private 4 forscher book of ra to winterstorm. If she pulls you down with her, it is still a good move because you will come down on top of .

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